Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus

Arbonne International is pleased to offer the Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus Program as part of our very competitive SuccessPlan. Independent Consultants at the Regional Vice President (RVP) level and above are eligible to receive a monthly cash bonus toward the lease or purchase of a white Mercedes-Benz, based on performance and sales volume. The program includes fleet discount pricing for Consultants in the United States.

We will guide you through the process of leasing or purchasing your new white Mercedes-Benz at a special Arbonne price. It is simple to get a great deal if you follow the process.

We know you're excited. We are excited for you! Becoming a Regional Vice President is something special. We want this time to be extra special for you too.


Mercedes-Benz Car Presentation

This is a special bonus to help you grow your business and celebrate with your upline! Invite everyone you know to make it extra special. Arbonne will provide $700 SRP worth of complimentary products to be used as door prizes, drawings, or giveaways at your very own Mercedes-Benz Car Presentation. Please schedule your Car Presentation at least five weeks after you receive notification for promoting to Regional Vice President.

Qualifications for the Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus

Which Mercedes-Benz? It's up to you. Just make sure you're comfortable with the monthly payment. Our Mercedes-Benz cash bonuses are paid directly to you based on your Central Region and/or Central Nation QV, including promotion credits.


$800 Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus
40,000 Central Region QV

$600 Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus
35,000 Central Region QV

$400 Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus
30,000 Central Region QV

$200 Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus
25,000 Central Region QV


$1000 Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus
160,000 Central Nation QV

$800 Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus
140,000 Central Nation QV

$600 Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus
120,000 Central Nation QV

$400 Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus
100,000 Central Nation QV

Refer to the Success Plan and Policies & Procedures for additional information regarding qualifications.

Step 1: Get ready

Please review the information provided on this site, and then identify which dealership you wish to work with. Visit and click “Find a Dealer” to locate a Mercedes-Benz dealer near you. You don’t need to select a car yet, but you will soon!

Step 2: Submit your application.

Confirm your most current contact information. You will also digitally sign the Mercedes-Benz Executive Allowance Bonus Enrollment statement by checking “I Agree.” When you promote to Regional Vice President, we will send your application to Mercedes-Benz, and you will receive a Control Number.

Step 3: Receive your Control Number.

When your promotion is official, you will receive your Mercedes-Benz Control Number via email. Take the Control Number to the dealership to receive your fleet discount.

Step 4: Send your agreement to VP Support.

Submit a copy of your lease or purchase agreement to VP Support. Once your paperwork is approved, you will begin receiving your cash bonus with your monthly override check.

Step 5: Plan your Mercedes-Benz Car Presentation

Schedule your Car Presentation at least five weeks after the effective date of your promotion to Regional Vice President. Please also allow two weeks for delivery of your complimentary products. You can use these products for door prizes, drawings, or giveaways to your attendees.

All invitations, flyers and promotional material for the Car Presentation must be reviewed and approved by B.E.S.T. at  Please allow 5-7 business days for your approval to be processed.

Step 6: Affix your Arbonne emblem.

We will send you an Arbonne Emblem Kit for your Mercedes-Benz. The Arbonne emblem lets everyone know you have earned your Mercedes-Benz through your successful Arbonne business. You are required to submit a photo of your car with the Arbonne emblem. To continue receiving your cash bonus, we must receive your Arbonne emblem photo within three months of your enrollment. Going forward, you will be required to upload a copy of your most recent vehicle registration at the time of registration renewal.

Driver Side
Passenger Side
Rear Deck

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